RAW! Inc is an urban mecca of socially and environmentally aware people and businesses. We'd like to consider ourselves a co-operative business community that aims to shift perspectives, challenge social norms, and inspire global change. What started as a new way to approach healthy eating soon evolved into a holistic paradigm that supports everything from raw foods & reiki to hemp balms & guilt-free desserts. We are elevating consciousness through COMMERCE and COMMUNITY.

R [einstating]                          A [wareness] to the              W[orld]

Change starts with us.

You must become the change you wish to see in the world...so we did!

RAW! Inc. began in 2012 to spread the benefits and diversity of plant-based foods to the surrounding DMV community. This service later evolved to  RAW! on Wheels, LLC., our raw food and juice delivery service. (www.rawonwheels.com)

As RAW! on Wheels stands on it's own, RAW! Inc. aims to inspire and empower more millennials to join the ethical entrepreneurial movement and help Reinstate Awareness to the World!

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